About Us

Developed by an organization of farsighted direct mail & IT professionals, that predicted the obsolescence of bulky, infrequently updated, incomplete white & yellow paper directories, Click2FINDLocal.COM represents a website designed for the sole purpose of quickly and easily navigating BUSINESS LISTINGS both geographically and categorically from a PC or handheld cell phone.


Click2FindLocal.com’s INTERNET LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS DIRECTORY maintains a strict alphabetical approach to over 19 million business listings, maintaining their sequence with the available “enhanced listing option” of offering a BUSINESS CARD style 2 x 3.5 inch graphic and affiliation accompanying their listing. 


Click2FindLocal.Com will continue to enhance the internet local neighborhood directory with additional navigational aids, query options and an even larger variety of portal options.

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Click2FindLocal.Com Headquarters:
3892 Prospect Avenue, Suite 6
Riviera Beach FL, 33404